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no bill, no wall

Just watched McCulloch scold us all. That was like something out of the last days of Ceaușescu or Mubarak. A mean, revisionist, insulting, arrogant speech, conceived in an out-of-touch star chamber, delivered to an empty room, in a building surrounded by an army, guns bristling outward at all the angry people who’ve had enough. Except this guy isn’t going anywhere. None of them are. Nobody’s pulling these assholes from their cars, offices, and helicopters, to …

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I voted. I think I voted. But it was a mess.

I know we’re all “rah, rah, you’ve got to vote!”, and I did vote, because there’s a dreadful anti-abortion state constitutional amendment on the ballot and the polling on that was at least close enough that I had to. I live in deepest red America. Nothing else I voted for mattered in the least, and without the constitutional amendment arguably it would be politically and ethically better not to have participated in what is obviously …

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