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How Three Years in the Obamacare Hole Finally Broke Me

Each year I’ve been on Obamacare – this would be my third year – the Exchange policies have gotten worse and more expensive. Now I’m at the breaking point. I don’t have insurance with work, so I have to go to the Exchange. (There is no such thing any longer as a private individual policy not negotiated through the Exchange during annual open enrollment, which ends tomorrow.) Exchange policies have high sticker prices: hundreds of …

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Sundays with Skokie

Jewish Sunday school was traumatic. For a lot of reasons, many personal. I was forced to go by my father after an upbringing of religious indifference, I had no friends there, the kids were cruel, and the teachers rather dim. I’ve had a grudge against it, in my memory, ever since. Because I intellectualize everything, one way I express that grudge (to myself) is to pick at the ideological commitments of that Sunday school curriculum. …

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The assault on the American research university: a report from the front

The horrible, terrible, no good, very bad local story of the moment is that the University of Tennessee is about to get clobbered by the State Legislature, because the U’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion had a web page on how to keep your generic holiday party from turning into a ‘christmas party in disguise’. The page was of course nonbinding advice, not biding policy. Earlier this year the same Office of Diversity and Inclusion …

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