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May God Save the Honorable Legislature of the State of Tennessee

If you’ve read anything I’ve written about Local Issues, you probably thought, “just going by the health insurance situation alone, Tennessee is a state in crisis. Any responsible government would be meeting night and day to figure a way to fix it.” The legislature has indeed been active, but keep in mind this is a one-party state; the Democrats no longer exist even nominally in many TN counties. Some of the bills that have gotten …

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Cooking with the Pols

Following on the dream I once had in which George W Bush was not a politician but had a funny Tex-Mex cooking show, I realized that, for whatever reason, it’s easy to slot politicians into food shows. Especially if they’re politicians I don’t like. Food shows which I am convinced would really work, and not just ironically: George W Bush gets a Tex-Mex show where everything he makes is about hot sauce and high-flame grilling. …

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