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And So Goes That Honorable Court

There’s an article going around to the effect that the Democrats are thinking they might not filibuster the first Trump Supreme Court pick, and wait for the second. There are various reactions to this, mostly appalled. I don’t think it matters. It’s already too late; nothing the Democrats can do is going to make any difference. The Republicans are going to gerrymander the Court for the next generation. The problem the Democrats have is that …

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It Has Happened

One term of art among political philosophers who study Hitlerism is the ‘deformalization’ of the law – that is, the Leader simply waves away all the forms and processes of legislation, and rules directly, by decree. The Leader declares that the elements of ordinary lawmaking, the legislature, the courts, the bureaucracy, the regional authorities, the press, even elections, are all corrupted, captured by a shadowy conspiracy of monied elites representing an alien peope or a …

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