Steve Rattner (@SteveRattner), a former Obama adviser and rapacious Wall Street demogorgon, tweeted today that it’s wrong of Obama to seek Congressional approval for “strikes” in Syria because, well, I’m not sure why, except that it’s not decisive. “The President is our CEO,”* he tweeted.

As Doug Henwood (@DougHenwood) replied, “the elite is so done with democracy.”*

What’s amusing is that, while the Congressional Republicans have just as big an erection for war, if not a bigger one, nothing gets their loins pulsing like a chance to trip Obama, so they’ve declined to come back into session during recess so Obama can get their approval. So, no strikes for at least a little while. That’s an ironic reason.

Rattner also tweeted that the precedent of the Iraq war has “paralyzed”* the West. That sounds like today’s go-go, hyperlinked version of the old “Vietnam Syndrome.” (That was an awful disease in which both moral and prudential considerations were allowed to be brought to bear on the decision to go to war. It was horribly debilitating, and caused our National Resolve to bleed out.) Then we kicked Saddam Hussein’s ass – in 1991 – and we were cured. Yay!

But then Saddam gave us another dose after 2003. He was tricky that way.

Maybe it’s like Looney Tunes, in which you have to get hit on the head an even number of times to avoid amnesia. (Except, yeah, it’s an odd number of times in this case: the first touch of Saddam cured us, like removal of a case of the King’s Evil. Whatever.)

I miss the days of Vietnam Syndrome, actually. I’m nostalgic. Let’s bring back some of those moments.

TV Commercial (sorry, Youtube interstitial):

A father and his young son, standing in front of the National Iraq War Memorial, which doesn’t yet exist, but one day will have to. I favor an Ozymandias-style pair of vast and trunkless legs: Bush’s legs, from the “mission accomplished” aircraft carrier landing, complete with the big, stuffed crotch bulge in the flight-suit pants. Just nothing above that.

Child: “Daddy, what’s Iraq?” (Daddy looks nonplussed.)

Narrator: A question a child might ask, but not a childish question.

Child: Daddy, did we win the war in Iraq? (Daddy looks troubled.)

Narrator: With your payment, Time Life Books will rush you your first book in The Iraq Experience: “What the Fuck Were Bush and Cheney Thinking?” Another book will follow about every other month, including “The TV War Douchebags”, “Images of the War by the Journalists Who Were There” (that’s a blank book), and “The Mysterious Koans of Donald Rumsfeld”.

…I’d buy that.